There is no such thing as WOM

lunes, mayo 17, 2004

Went for a jog in the evening, and had the entire ground to myself. Everyones left for the summers. Its amazing how a university of 50,000 students can turn so unpopulated in a just a couple of days. I Was wheezing like an old man at the end, but ran for 1.5 kms after no running at all for 2 years. Even so, I cant believe I used to run more than 10 kms in under 60 mins. But then that used to be 4 years and 20 pounds ago.

Saw a second HUGE shooting star in as many days. I wonder what it is here, may be cause of the pollution free environment, the sky is more clear.ment, the sky is more clear.

Armando Samano lo opinó a las 2:17 p.m.