There is no such thing as WOM

miércoles, mayo 19, 2004

Kind warning 

This post was not written by me, Armando Sámano. Albeit I have enough fluency on English to write post in half speed the Spanish ones (which is by all accounts a decent speed) and I proudly posses enough vocabulary to sound refined and stylish in case I would decide to write in English (and the idea has come sometimes to my mind) I would open a new blog. I even tried once with the sponsorship of my good friend logovo, but I am not persistant nor disciplined enough to sustain both sites.

On the other hand, I decided to do not remove such post as a proof that, eventually, machines actually DO get wrong sometimes, despite the general belief that they are always right. Of course that statement could be vastly argued but since no one, it seems, has suffered anything like this, I consider it a "machine mistake" rather than a "programming bug"

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