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miércoles, octubre 27, 2004

Understanding hope 

I have never been a believer in drastical or dramatic changes. Everything (society, history, science, baseball) evolves so slowly that most people cannot sense the passing of time. To show the forecoming presidential elections in the US as such event that "change our times" seems to me overrating, not to mention "sensationalist".

The real events that changed History had already happened, those were the 2000 election and the NY 11-S and Spain's 11-M. We were facing an unprecedent period of sustained prosperity and global development. The American, the capitalist way of prosperity was about to be spread to the world. The Clintonomics period was a learning one which showed how the aid to less developed countries had to be not only without conflict with american interest but, in fact, prospering american interest all around the globe. The Tequila, Vodka, and Asia crisis all were learning (laboratories, indeed) for economist everywhere. The combined learning of such situations and the German-UK-French experience propeling devastated economies such Spain's and Ireland were establishing more complex but more accurate models of international cooperation without damaging the "donors" countries.

But with the forced victory of Cheney and Co. in 2000 the landscape changed completely. Make no mistake, even big businessmen had been shaken by the arrival of such mafia. But these guys, the Cheney mafia, knows with extraordinary accuracy their voting target: The Homer-Simpson-all-american-guy (and gal). They know what buttons to push and how frequently and by which channel. While there be such massive sector of the population, they can count to win.

I wrote here, a couple of months ago, that I don't see Kerry as the "Bush-killer" he should be to win. I am still in such belief (disbelief?). But all we can have now, six days before an event tan affects me directly (the 2000 election I was at the US that very day) and in which I can have so insignificant impact (meaning none), is a lucid and enlightened hope that something could happen to remove the Cheney mafia from the White House.

This is my second post in English, and the first formally written in the language with a specific purpose. For a mysterious reason that I cannot comprehend my blog receives visits form a variety of Spanish speaking nations but the second country after my own (Mexico) in my visitors stats is the United States. Since I have no impact whatsoever in the election (my only vote-capable known reader is even more anti-Bush than me) I could let it pass without to pronounce myself. I don't want to, I want to say that I hold a little bit of hope despite the fact that my reason tells me that there's room for none. In time that press and people pronounce themselves, and without having so much reason to offer, I'd like to pronounce myself a Kerry supporter.

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